Brainpath boasts of an extensive database of highly skilled profiles across all technologies. The database is updated and edited at regular intervals to meet the market expectations and needs of the industry.

The stages in recruitment include sourcing candidates by networking, internet or other methods. Utilizing professional interviewing techniques to understand the candidate's skills and his motivation to make a move, screening potential candidates is also a part of the process.

The process is meant not only to evaluate the candidate but also evaluate how the candidate will fit into the organization. Job analysis, sourcing, screening and selection form the integral part of our recruitment process.

Our prime recruiting focus lies in the following areas.



Pharma and Biotech

Training and Development

Our prime recruiting focus lies in the following areas.

Understanding the client organization's needs

Mapping position specific competencies

Search target plan

Industry/Company – Mapping

People Mapping

First Shortlist



Reference check

Post Recruitment Follow up