Training is a valued part of Brainpath. We offer training in all flavours of Java and Cloud computing. The training courses are designed in such a way that the focus is more on maintaining coding standards and project walk through.

Cloud Computing & Technology

The current industry buzzword is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is all about providing IT-related services through the internet. Cloud computing has the potential of significantly increasing flexibility, efficiency, and transforming IT and its relationship to the business.

It is estimated that by 2015, Cloud Computing will generate 14 million new jobs worldwide and India will get nearly 2 Million jobs in this area.

Brainpath will help IT professionals and aspirants acquire the necessary skills to develop them into cloud professionals by acquiring expertise in multivendor virtualization solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring and management along with private cloud designing and deployment skills.

Brainpath offers learning solutions to Individuals, Enterprises and Institutions in the areas of Cloud Computing. Research based information is the key for us to develop our programs and curriculum, using cutting edge instructional and design methodologies.

At the end of the training, the participants will:

Learn what is cloud computing

Be able to assess the architectures, components, operation and tools of cloud computing

Understand various frameworks/technology options available w.r.t. SaaS, PaaS and IaaS (in context of java technology) - vFabric, Google, Amazon, Rackspace, Cloud Foundry, Eucalyptus etc

Also understand how to leverage these in the cloud