Backed by years of experience in all facets of program management, development, deployment and support, Brainpath is in a position to offer extensive consulting services to our clients in the area of Retail Card Payments, EMV and Cloud Technology.

Our approach to consultancy is based on established processes wherein we engage our customer teams at various decision making levels to ensure that the goals and boundaries of the consultancy are well defined. Once this is done, our consultants engage themselves actively in the assignments until the targeted goals are met.

Issuance and Acquiring Programs

Market Research

Devising appropriate program for Issuance and Acquiring for required instruments

Analysis of the ongoing programs



Preventive Actions

Risk and Fraud Management

Integration with external systems



EMV Consultancy

Issuance and Acquiring

Business Evaluation and Impact



Level 1 and Level 2 Acquiring

ISO/IEC 7816

ISO/IEC 14443

Kernel Development




Pilots and Launches

Global Reach

Remote and Onsite services

Cloud Technology

With the adoption and growth of Cloud Technology, there is a dearth of talent who understand all nuances of this well and are in a position to not only advice organizations in deciding on the approach but also help them adopt the same.

Brainpath has consultants in this area who can engage and provide successful and seamless adoption of the Cloud Technology. Our consultants can help in:

Understanding the current model deployment of applications

Scope for adoption of Cloud Technology

Decide on the tools and means to move to Cloud Technology

Plan the migration to Cloud Technology

Work with Product Engineering and IT Infrastructure teams for deployments

Post deployment analyse options for improvements and enhancements down the line